Sponsored Spell 2017



The BDA Sponsored Spell kindly sponsored by Nessy, it is a fun event for primary and secondary school aged children to help support their literacy development whilst also raising awareness and funds for the British Dyslexia Association.

We hope that children will have fun whilst re-enforcing the learning of their spellings. Nessy our sponsor has also provided a daily One Minute Spelling Strategy videos to make the sponsored spell fun for teachers and students.

How your school can take part

We are asking Primary schools across the country during Dyslexia Awareness Week  (2nd to 8th October 2017) to take part in our Sponsored Spell. Although we are happy for schools to run this event throughout the year.

Each class can do their own Sponsored Spell with their teacher.

Click on the link to download your BDA Sponsored spell pack now.

Children are encouraged to return their sponsored Spell form and their sponsorship forms with donations received to the school by Friday 6th October.

Please click here for your Sponsorship forms.

Spelling Strategies from Nessy

Nessy are kindly sponsoring this year's Sponsored Spell and have provided the following spelling strategy tips to help support your child's learning as part of this exercise;

Choosing the words for your Sponsored Spell

The words you use for the spell could be themed, perhaps around the new dyslexia friendly Harry Potter book ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ or another current favourite amongst the class.

We do recommend these are words linked to the new National Curriculum and ones that the children in that class are expected to know.

If you feel the children in the class can already spell the words suggested for their year, try getting them to learn words for the next year up.

Tell us if your school has taken part and we will share your story across our social media.

Thank you for your support

With thanks to Nessy for their sponsorship of the BDA Sponsored Spell.