BDA Organisational Members Event: Positive Dyslexia and Employment

BDA Organisational Members Event: Positive Dyslexia and Employment


Positive Dyslexia and Employment

Resource for London (near Kings Cross)


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This exciting event is for BDA Organisational Members and other interested parties. It will be a great opportunity for organisations and individuals to come together to learn more about characteristics of successful dyslexics and how best to recruit, support and develop dyslexic employees.


The day will include a series of workshops in the afternoon focusing on a positive approach to supporting dyslexic employees in the workplace.

Matt Boyd from Exceptional Individuals will be leading a workshop on his approach to identifying and recruiting dyslexic talent through his dyslexia specialist recruitment agency. Exceptional Individuals believe that our economy is missing out on a valuable asset due to current employment practices excluding many dyslexic people despite their proven ability.  Entry to the job market can be a daunting task for applicants with dyslexia, Exceptional Individuals help them overcome key barriers, and work with businesses to create more inclusive workplaces.

In addition, there will be the opportunity for discussion and sharing of ideas amongst those attending about how best to encourage dialogue about the potential strengths of dyslexic individuals. This will include considering how best can we progress to a situation where dyslexics in the workplace feel empowered to openly discuss the positive contribution their individual strengths may bring, as well as working within an environment where their challenges are understood and supported where appropriate. This may lead to exciting future initiatives. 


Key Note speakers and networking (from 6pm to 8:30pm)

In the evening we will welcome some key note speakers to present their views and thoughts on how they see the workplace changing for dyslexic people in 2017 and beyond and what businesses can do to provide greater support to realise the full potential of dyslexic employees.

Speakers in the evening will include Hector Minto, Sr Technology Evangelist for Accessibility at Microsoft, who will be discussing how their products (including Office and Windows) can support dyslexic employees in the workplace, as a consequence of their inclusive in-design approach, while also being of benefit to the mainstream.

We also have speakers lined up from the BBC and Ernst and Young.

Margaret Malpas the joint Chair of the BDA will also be speaking about her new book launched in February entitled, ‘Self-fulfilment with dyslexia – a blueprint for success’that includes Margaret Malpas and other high achievers such as Anna Devin and Lord Addington explaining their ten-step recipe to matching dyslexia with success.

Attendees will then have the opportunity to network and connect with our organisational members and like-minded businesses and individuals.

To attend for the afternoon and evening:
Organisational Member: £20 inclusive of VAT
Non Member: £40 inclusive of VAT
To attend in the evening only:
Organisational Member: £10 inclusive of VAT
Non Member: £15 inclusive of VAT 


To find out more please:
Tel.  01344 381563