Webinar Training: Boosting Achievement of Children in Care

Boosting achievement of children in care

Understanding and Supporting Neurodiversity

FREE webinar training 

In 2017, 57.3% of looked after children were identified as having
Special Educational Needs (SEN).

Are you a:

  • social worker, virtual school professional or trainee;
  • foster parent/carer;
  • trainer working with the above?

These webinars are designed to increase your knowledge of neurodiversity and specific learning differences (SpLD), helping you to identify, support, and boost the life chances of children and young people with a range of SEN.

Our webinar package includes:

  • Supporting resources
  • New Neurodiversity Profiler for children and young people aged 4-16+
  • A Guide to SpLD

All webinars will be made available on the BDA YouTube channel.

Training for professionals

Part 1: 7th February, 12: 30 - 13:30pm
Part 2: 21st February,12:30 - 13:30pm

Training for parents/carers

28th February, 12:30 - 13:30pm

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